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The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book

"Great source for an Early Childhood Curriculum. This book gave me wonderful ideas on teaching little ones to be creative. This book helped me plan lessons for my home toddler/​preschool daycare. This book is a MUST HAVE for home daycare providers and home schooling parents."

Reader Reviews

"I first encountered this book in the public library and fell in love with it, so I ordered it from Amazon. I have three young granddaughters and this book gives me a lot of ideas for fun times with them whenever I am babysitting them. They really look forward to seeing what grandma comes up with next! Thanks to this book, I have plenty of ideas that they think are my own!!! Thank you for a great book!!"

This introductory craft book for children ages two to six will have children up to their elbows in hands-on activities. With more than 70 craft projects, children will learn about the world around them as they explore various concepts through crafts. Readers will also learn about other countries through international-themed projects. Whole learning options assure every child a positive outcome and simple materials encourage each child's self-expressive nature.