Judy Press

Art Educator and Author

The Doodles of Sam Dibble

The Doodles of Sam Dibble -- Double Trouble -- Robots Don't Clean Toilets -- Abra-Ca-Doodle!

Sam’s birthday is in twenty-four hours, seven minutes, and four seconds. Here’s what he wants: a new bike (because he messed up the old one), more pens (so he can draw doodles), and the best birthday party ever. He’ll have to wait for the presents, but the only way he can have the best party ever is if Demo Dan, the world’s greatest wrestler, shows up. The only problem is, Sam doesn’t exactly know Demo Dan (and he promised his friends Dan would be there—he even made a bet on it!). Now time is running out. Will Demo Dan show up in time for Sam to blow out his candles?

Reader Reviews

"Reviewed by Avery, age 9
If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid then you will like this book. Each page is part doodle, part written story about a boy named Sam who likes to doodle and is getting ready for his birthday party in twenty-eight hours, seven minutes, and four seconds. There are thirteen short but very funny chapters. Each chapter is Sam getting closer and closer and to his birthday party and filled with hilarious stories about his friends, family, and crazy stuff that has happened in the past.
"Mrs. Booker will make me read all the books in the library. Even the ones with no pictures."
I thought this book was super fun to read and both boys and girls would like it even if some of the stuff is gross. Sam seems to live a crazy life full of adventure and tall tales. The doodles really make Sam's story hilarious. They are simply drawn and doodles that tell a story of their own and make this book look like a journal. The back cover shows more books to come. I can't wait!"

"I purchased both Sam Dibble books #1 and #2 for my grandson, certain that he would laugh out loud as he read them. And I was right! Both J. Press, author, and Michael Kline, illustrator, know what makes kids tick, what makes them laugh. From the teacher who can focus one eye on the whiteboard and the other eye on the class, to Max, aka Wax whose claim to fame is having the most wax in his ear, this book creates a classroom that is at once familiar and wacky. My 10-year-old grandson is a very advanced reader, usually reading books that have 400-800 pages, like the entire Harry Potter series, but he thoroughly enjoyed Sam Dibble. After reading book 1, he was glad book 2 awaited him. I was too 'A Grateful Gramma'"