Judy Press

Art Educator and Author

Around-The-World Art & Activities Visiting the seven continents through craft fun

Grab your homemade cereal-box suitcase, and plant a stamp on your newly made passport, for we`re about to leave on a whirlwind tour of the seven continents. And what fun it is sure to be. Kids will be kids - rejoicing in their newfound friendship and familiarity with peoples around the world, delighted by both the similarities and differences in their cultures and customs. Make a Masai necklace, craft a Greek vase, create your own Guatemalan-styled `worry` doll, and break some Maori bread from New Zealand! Broaden kids` view of their world and see the sights. Make you own standing Eiffel Tower, construct a salt-box windmill from Holland, build a wonderful Egyptian pyramid, and craft a clever London-styled `Big Ben` clock. Make the Nile overflow, construct an erupting volcano, grow a pineapple plant, and create an Australian koala bear and a tissue-paper penguin (that really stands up! ) From Antarctica. Explore the seven continents of the world and their distinctive lands, waterways, animals, plants, and natural treasures on a getting-to-know-you tour - with kids in the cockpit.

Reader Reviews

"We have been using this in our home-schooling curriculum, and I love the ideas it has. My kids have loved it from the get go. Some of the ideas for the lessons include: Making a passport, Making a Suitcase, Making a Zulu Hut, Building a Pyramid, etc. You can only help a child learn so much by lecturing and testing. They need that hands on approach to help instill the concept in their minds. This book is full of great ideas to introduce geography to your children."

"When you are looking for information on a country and you want an art activity to go with it, this is the book for you.This book has information you can use when teaching, and there are simple art activities that you can give the children to increase their understanding of the subject. Excellent for both the teacher and the children."