Judy Press

Art Educator and Author

Animal Habitats

Judy Press introduces young learners to North American plants, animals, and a variety of other creatures. Children will learn that habitat is another word for 'home' and why living things appear in some geographical regions, but not in others. Fun ecological and environmental activities help children understand their individual role and responsibility in caring for the habitats they encounter, while additional games and activities reinforce science concepts to further support learning. Do-it-yourself crafts follow each topic introduced. Young readers can learn what it feels like to carry a wildlife baby around by wearing a backpack all day or how snakes move without appendages as they slither on their tummies, memorable experiences that will help learners make important connections between an animal's behaviour and its habitat.

Reader Reviews

"This is a perfect book for young children who are interested in animals and nature. Each section has information about a particular animal and its habitat along with a fun craft project based on that habitat. The craft projects are simple and fast, and the kids can do many of the steps themselves. Most of the materials required are objects you would already have in your house."

"This is a fun biology/​ecology book for very young children who are learning about North American animals. It incorporates learning with fun hands-on and visual arts and crafts, which makes it perfect for younger children. I especially liked that it looks at various ecological regions and the animals that live there. We used it in conjunction with lots of books and videos from the local library."